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When I fall, you pick me up. You make stand tall. If I've achieved anything in life and the corporate world, it’s due to you and the examples you've set for me. You are my role model. Happy birthday!

On your birthday and unbirthdays, may your greatest pain be champagne and your greatest ache chocolate cake.

I know you are young now but I can already tell that you will one day be a superstar at whatever you do. Happy birthday!
Birthday Greeting Images
Birthday Greeting Images

Happy birthday! May your journey through life take you as far as your drive and as close as your loved ones.

When I think of the world’s most amazing teenager, I think of you. May every dream you have spread its wings and fly high! Happy birthday!

You're much too young at heart to be this old. Happy birthday!

You’re this age only once, so make the best of it. Live your life like nobody’s watching. Start today! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday. You're not really one year older — you're actually one day older than yesterday. 

Today could be the start of something special! Enjoy every second of your birthday! Then, carry that joy in your pocket like spare change (so it will be there when you need it)!

The past is a faded, far-off reverie of moments. May your tomorrows be only flights of fancy that come beautifully and wonderfully true. Happy birthday!

May life take you on a journey you never imagined, bringing you to a destination that stirs your soul, gives you peace of mind and surrounds you with love! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! Wishing you the hindsight to be thankful for your past, the foresight to be grateful for your birthday and the insight to welcome tomorrow.

You're a total original! Never a follower. Always a leader. You are an amazing trailblazer! Don't you ever forget it! Happy birthday!

Today and every day, live to learn well and learn to live well. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! Don't think about the road traveled. Look forward to the byways and highways ahead. The best part of your journey is yet to come. Enjoy the ride and, every once and awhile, stop to enjoy the view.

May you find your birthday as amazing as your birthday finds you. 

If you truly believe in yourself, everybody will believe in you too. I believe you have what it takes to succeed at anything. Happy birthday! 

Happy birthday! Each moment of each day, when the choice is between dancing or sitting it out, dance to the beat of your heart. 

Happy birthday! May you live and love as long as you live to love and love to live.

Happy birthday! Let everybody else struggle with life's baby steps, You're a giant, so I know you have it in you to make great strides.

May your feast days be many and your fast days be few, starting today. Happy birthday! 

Happy birthday! May your adventures be joyful and your joy full of adventure.

Some people have a special light in them that illuminates this world. When in doubt or despair, read this message and know that I think you're one of the special few who shines bright. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! May one and all respect you, trouble neglect you, dear ones protect you and love connect you. 

Throw away the sails on your birthday and let the winds of change take you into the unknown. Life is more of an adventure when you venture out of your comfort zone. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! Even in the worst of times, you only have the best to give.

Stay brave, positive and upbeat every day — and let your dreams and wisdom be your guide! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday. It's time to stop counting every birthday and start making every birthday count.

A wonderful life awaits you. A life full of joy, love and prosperity. You have so much potential and truly deserve life's best (even if you don't think so). Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! May you have your birthday cake icing and eat it too.

Now and forever, may your heart be big enough to welcome all your friends and strong enough to hold them. Happy birthday!

On your birthday, may you have the wind in your sails to stand up to life’s toughest storms and coast through every beautiful, sunny day. Happy birthday!

Here's to birthdays — can't live with them, can't live without them. Happy birthday!

At your age, you begin to learn so much about true love and real joy. Rest assured you will have the time of your life discovering both of them. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday. May you live long and live well as if your life depended on it.

Hoping you grow up to be a wise person. You're already a fabulous person. Stay as amazing as you are and keep making the world a better place. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! As you sail through life, may the sea be gentle, the winds fair, the fish plentiful and the sky blue.

May all your dreams take flight when you're ready to fly! This birthday could be the beginning of this journey! I hope so!

Happy birthday! Today and always, may you keep a song in your heart and a little dance in your step.

You've seen, heard and done so much for someone your age. Wishing you more of everything that fulfills you and gives you purpose. Carry on! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday. May you afford the luxury of time, contentment, dignity, success and choice all your days.

Every passing year brings new experiences and renewed hope for tomorrow. May you have an eternity of both. Happy birthday! 

Getting older isn't all that bad when you consider the alternative: estate taxes (and the reason for them). Happy birthday!

You have been an inspiring role model your entire life. Your legacy of inspiration will enrich our lives and those of every new generation in our family. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday. May you never throw in the towel. Anything worth getting takes blood, sweat and tears...and you'll need the towel.

Starting with your birthday, live each day as if it were your first, with nothing in your past to weigh you down and everything you hold dear ahead of you.

You are truly unique and deserve the respect that comes with accomplishing so much with so little, except for your brains, brawn and bravery. Happy birthday, sweet prince!

Happy birthday! As you stumble and soar through life, keep your eyes on the road ahead, not your rear-view mirror.

You're not special — you're the most special person I know! You have achieved more in your short life than most people accomplish in a lifetime. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! May you keep a bit of the spark from your youth to ignite your passion in old age.

When you come right down to it, there are really two ways to go through life. You can either laugh or cry. You've always laughed, making me laugh. That's what makes you special. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday. May you always have the power of passion to guide you on your path to happiness. 

You are an endless source of inspiration for the people in your life who know and love you. Happy birthday to the brightest light in all our lives!

Happy birthday! Hoping the best days behind you are the worst before you.

Happy birthday! May you always know why life is too precious to handle only with care. 

May joy make everything look rosy on your birthday and the greyest of your days.

Happy birthday. May you find beauty today and every day amidst life's swirling chaos.

Happy birthday! You are truly the light in my life. You make me shine my very brightest, even during my darkest times. 

Happy birthday. Wishing you a special day and life filled with the joy of love, wonder, laughter, purpose and Oreos.

Happy birthday! In life, it's not about how many birthdays that have come and gone. It's about how many birthdays are yet to come.

Happy birthday! May you always remember we do not get older with each birthday — we reach newer heights.

Birthdays are like wine. Some, if spoiled by time and circumstance, taste like vinegar, but most, with the right course, just get better with age. Happy birthday!

Tomorrow can bring untold joy, love and peace of mind. Whatever your troubles, sleep on it! Happy birthday! Here's to tomorrow!

Wherever you are, there's the bliss that can only come from love, peace and kindness! Happy birthday!

May you only know the thrill of living every moment of your life and, even more so, on your special day. Happy birthday!

May every year of your life bring you new friends, greater wisdom, renewed hope and just enough light to stir your soul, tame your demons and fan the flames of love. You deserve it! Happy birthday!

Our birthdays are fleeting, yet exquisite moments in time. Enjoy yours!

You are a light in everybody's life. If I’m even half as inspirational as you at your age, I could very well be the next Oprah. Happy birthday!

May the clouds on the horizon be only a backdrop for the bright, sunny days of your life. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! Today and every other day of the year, may you forget what's best forgotten and remember what's best remembered.

You're an incredibly consistent role model and a relentlessly compassionate life coach. I can't thank you enough! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Enjoy every minute of your birthday. There's plenty of time to be dead afterwards.

You always encourage me. Whether it's a few simple words, a big bear hug or a hand on my shoulder, you've made me move mountains in my life. Happy birthday!

May misfortune never find you and may you forever find and the rest of your days. Happy birthday!

In life, you never know what the next day will bring. But you've always been there for me. I can count on you. Happy birthday! 

Your birthday is not just the first day of another year in your life, but the first day of another year of life. Happy birthday!

Whenever I've faced life’s obstacles, you've seen me through them. Whenever I've been disappointed by the world’s ugliness, you've encouraged me to see its beauty. Whenever I've had my back against the wall, you've had my back. Thank you and happy birthday!

Youth is given to you to throw away like a newspaper. Age is bestowed upon you to appreciate like fine art! Happy birthday!

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