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Happy birthday wishes for sister | Happy birthday msg for sister

Happy birthday wishes for sister - The relationship that is set up with sister is extremely solid and it is unequivocally consequently that finding a sentence or line to express our sentiments winds up crucial. Now and again we overlook the solid bond we have with our sister and upon the arrival of her birthday we restrict ourselves to a straightforward "Welcome to our younger sibling" yet this isn't sufficient.

Happy birthday wishes for sister
Happy birthday wishes for sister

Having a sister regularly implies imparting to her dread, delights and emotions and we don't generally acknowledge that it is so vital to have such an imperative individual to go up against and open up, even in the most troublesome minutes. So what better time to help our sister to remember all the great we need her if not her birthday? Here underneath you can locate the best cheerful birthday messages to commit to your sister and astonishment her! In the event that you are keen on different wishes you can locate the best Happy Birthday interesting wishes and sentences of good uncommon birthday in our past posts.

Sister commending her birthday? Searching for birthday messages for the sister? You went to the correct place! With over 80+ unique thoughts for messages and card statements to browse you are certain to inspire your sister with a special and individual to impart to your sister on her enormous day!

I know that sometimes they are hard to bear. We have had quarrels and I always make things difficult for you. But still, I did all this for love. And if I hurt you, believe me, I never wanted to. Happy birthday!

Sister, you are my everything and even more. I feel that I’m definitely one of the luckiest! Happy Birthday.

My dear sister, I wish you that your special day will be full of good memories! Celebrate your birthday with a heart full of joy and love. I love you sister. Happy birthday!

My dear sister, on your special day I‘d like to wish you an exciting life, full of great discoveries and joyful surprises!

Happy birthday my sweet sister. We are sisters by the grace of God, friends by choice. You are an important part of my childhood and I will never forget it. Thank you for always being there for me during my difficult times all these years.

I’m making a very special birthday wish to the most amazing friend and an incredible wonderful sister. Happy Birthday.

You’re the darling of Dad, Mom’s favorite daughter, the uncles’ cud and my best sister. Happy birthday!

Although I never really enjoyed sharing my things with you I have always enjoyed sharing our childhood and love for each other. You’re most precious to me. It was such a great experience to grow up with a crazy and fun girl like you. I cherish all our sweet and exciting childhood memories. For me, you will always be that adorable little sister, happy birthday!

Now that you’ve finally reached 18, you can finally go and vote! Meanwhile, I vote for you as the best sister in the world! Happy Birthday!

I want to thank you, my sis, for being the most loving and caring sister in this entire world. No one understands me better than you. Wish you a Happy Birthday.

Even if I do not talk to you every day, you’re still in my heart. Happy Birthday Sister.

The sisters don’t have to be around for all the time, but it really becomes a great thing when they are around you. Have a Happy Birthday.

Dear sister, for your birthday I pray to the Lord that you can obtain all the happiness and wealth of the world.

Thanks for taking all the good looks in the family- oh and Happy B’day.

As a child you were a lot of nymphs, but you’ve always been sweet as a candy: really a big sister. Happy birthday to my sister!

Maybe you were one of the floating souls in heaven. But I’m so lucky that I’ve found you as my sweet sister. Happy Birthday.

There is no more comforting consolation than that found in the arms of a sister. Happy birthday wishes my little sister!

Our parents made us siblings, we became friends on our own. Happy Birthday, Sis

All the wealth of the world is not enough to compensate for the love of a sister. So, I do not want to miss the chance to wish you a happy birthday!

Happy bday to the coolest sister ever! You always know how to cheer me up and make my day brighter, love you!

I must admit that, thanks to my teachers as an elder brother, you are coming up very well … Congratulations to me, and best wishes for a happy birthday to you little sister!

It is a true blessing to have such a fun, smart and caring sister like you. Have a joyful and unforgettable day, full of everything that you love most!

Despite our quarrels and differences, you are still the most important person in my life. Happy birthday, big sister!

It‘s so great to have such an amazing sister like you in my life. Congratulations of your birthday! Stay cool!

Friends come and go but the sisters remain forever. Happy birthday.

My loving sister, I’m so glad to have you and you’re such a friend whom I’ll be loving throughout my entire life! Happy Birthday!

I always thought that without a sister like you my life would have been more empty, less noisy and maybe even a little sadder. You have enlivened my childhood and my adolescence, giving it advice and love. Thank you … you deserve a unique birthday party and a special future. Best wishes!

The most heartfelt wishes to my incredible sister! You mean so much to me, cutie, I wish you all the happiness in the world!

Here is the love and the struggles we shared, Here is your health, your wealth and your prosperity. I wish you all the best for your birthday!

If I could have another chance to choose my sister, I would choose you every single time because I love you so much

I can not express the feelings I have for you, but certainly the best is the love we have always shared. Happy birthday!

Best wishes for a year full of great opportunities and happiness.

Magnificent, crazy, funny, beautiful. But also proud, surly and spiteful. Here’s what you are! Yet you’re perfect like this: I love you! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, sister. You are the real gift for all of us and obviously, the packaging is stunning too. Keep sharing the stuff inside you with us always.

I was scared to sleep alone at night, but you have always been by my side, always protecting me. Thank you for being a good sister and I wish you a happy birthday.

You have always been my partner in crime, but you are going to have to do this getting older thing all by yourself. Happy Birthday.

I wish you an unforgettable birthday: a day full of joy and an even happier and more peaceful future. Happy birthday, dear sister!

Thanks, my dear sister, for being the perfect soundtrack of my simple life’s music show. Have a Happy Birthday.

It is always difficult to find a sentence to dedicate to you on your birthday. Let’s do this: make a smile and I wish you to take it all year. Best wishes for your dear sister’s birthday!

Let us celebrate your birthday by promising that we will always remain at each others side no matter what happens. Happy Birthday, Sister.

I know it’s impossible to choose a sister, yet I realized over time that if I could do it I would have chosen one that is the same as you. There is nothing better in the world! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my lovely sister! Wishing you the ocean of fun and lots of happy memories!

It was too much fun growing up with you. I wish you all the happiness and joy for your birthday!

To the best, most wonderful, most loving sister in the world on her birthday and every day. Happy Birthday.

Sisters not only share clothes and accessories but also share a life together. Happy birthday!

Happy, Happy Birthday sister. I believe this new year of your life will you the wonderful things in your life. Love you.

I have always loved you and will continue to do so. For your birthday I send you my best wishes, love and greetings. I wish you a fantastic birthday!

Nobody can give a hug quite like a sister. Thanks for all of the hugs. I hope that I can give you one for your birthday.

It is beautiful that you are there, that we are united forever, that you are my sister! On this very special day I just wanted to tell you with my heart: I love you so much! Happy birthday my little sister!

Happy B’Day to the most stylish girl I know, you’ll always be a head turner.

It’s nice to have a sister with whom to share everything, to argue with and then make peace, to talk and play with.

BFF means Best Friends Forever but do you know what SBFD means? It means Sister but Best Friend in Disguise. Happy birthday, #SBFD.

The superheroes are one in a million. Sisters like you are one in a lifetime. Happy birthday!

Thanks for being the perfect companion on the rides of SISTERSHIP. I always felt out of this globe when we were together. Happy Birthday.

You’re my best friend. I love you dear sister. Happy birthday!

A sister shares your birthday and you share hers and that makes everybody happy. Happy Birthday.

A beautiful desire for the best sister in the world. God can fill your life with love, happiness, wealth and so much luck! Happy birthday, dear sister.

I am so thankful to have a sister like you in my life. Celebrate your birthday in a big way! You have always deserved the best.

Congratulations dear sister! For your birthday..sorridi .. that is good for wrinkles! Happy birthday!

The most heartfelt birthday greetings to the person whose presence in my life makes it so bright and special!

Life is short … live it. Love is rare … grab it. Sweet memories … keep them in the heart. Happy birthday wishes my beloved little sister!

You are my best sister that I’ve ever had in my life and even in imagination too. Happy Birthday.

For all the times you made me smile. For all the times you defended and cuddled me. For all the times you listened to me. For all this I am grateful to you and I wish you the most sincere wishes that a brother can make! Happy birthday! I love you!

Sisters are precious than any other valuable things. I know you are my best friend and guide forever. Happy Birthday.

Dear sister, from this moment every day of your life is full of the warmth of the sun, of joy and sounds of laughter. Love and happiness never leave you. Congratulations happy birthday sister!

The warmest wishes to my wonderful sister that makes my life so colorful and exciting!

Sisters do not have to be fun to hang out with, but it’s great when they are. Happy birthday.

Sisters are God’s way of reassuring mankind that pain exists, but so do healers. Happy birthday to one such sis.

I still remember the struggles we had, I still remember the joys we shared. Today, on your birthday, here is a special wish: that you always remain happy and lucky. Happy Birthday Dearest Sister!

A sister is like a different flower from the same garden – that’s why the sun was shining so tenderly on your side. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday to a wonderful sister, who brought more smiles and joy into my life than i can imagine.

Today, on your birthday, I want to make you smile the way you’ve always made me smile. Wishing a very Happy Birthday.

You need to wish an upbeat birthday to your sister however you don't realize how to do it? Here are some fabulous rousing cheerful birthday wants for your senior or more youthful sister! It isn't constantly conceivable to locate the correct words to commit to our dear and adored younger sibling and devote a statements of good wishes is vital in light of the fact that we can tell all of you the decency that we need.

Sister birthday wishes | Happy birthday my sister

Sister birthday wishes - Happy birthday to somebody who has just brought delight and love into my life: my sister. I trust your uncommon day brings you all that you would ever want since you merit that thus considerably more throughout everyday life.

Sister birthday wishes
Sister birthday wishes

Sisters dependably hold a unique place in your heart, and they have such a large number of aspects to them. They can be part mother and part companion. It doesn't make a difference the part since they all make them thing in like manner: they generally cherish you. Furthermore, that is the reason it's essential to locate the correct method to state upbeat birthday sister. It tends to be a test to discover only the correct method to pass on how much your sister intends to you however. Along these lines, regardless of whether your sister is cool, certain, cheeky, irritating, or out and out lovable here are some birthday wishes that will ideally rouse you for her birthday.

Hey, you are my cute, loving sister. For you every day I find plenty of reasons to be delighted. Happy Birthday, sister.

I steal and snatch things from you all year round. So your birthday is a great time to give you a gift and return the favor. Happy birthday dear sister.

Sis, our beloved parents have made us siblings and we made us two great friends. Happy Birthday.

People say that it is possible to choose own friends from many, but it is obvious that you can’t choose you’re the members of your family. I’m without a doubt the luckiest. Happy Birthday.

I’m so thankful because I was blessed with a sister like you. Celebrate your birthday with maximum happiness! You always deserve the best, sister.

Your friends may come into your life and go away, but sisters will always be beside you to make you happy forever. Happy Birthday.

Your simple words can bring the smile on my face, can keep me laughing always. Happy Birthday

When you were brought home for the first time, I was a little jealous. But as we grew up, I found yourself as an amazing friend of mine. Happy Birthday!

All the wealth of the world isn’t enough to compensate for the love of a sister. So, I do not want to miss the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday.

I wonder that if everyone in this world could have a great sister like you think it would have been the greatest thing ever happened! Happy Birthday.

Sisters always help you in understanding the world better and also appreciates it more than anyone else. Happy Birthday.

I feel lucky to have such a cool person like you as a sister. I am sending hugs and kisses to my little sister on her birthday!

Happy B’Day and I apologize in advance for the Christmas wrapping paper.

You are the best sister that I have ever had. Even in my imagination. Happy Birthday.

Though I don’t talk to you every day you always remain the deepest core of my heart. Happy Birthday, Sister.

Best wishes today to the only girl I like to dress in princess clothing with.

We have shared so many magical moments of our life. We laughed and cried together and made smiles out of frowns. Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

Sisters share too many emotions together – joy, laughter, jealousy, happiness, anger, dreams and togetherness and these make them the truest friends of all.

Just for today, you can borrow any of the clothes that you want. Happy birthday, sister!

The only person in this entire world who can turn my tears into a big smile. All I want to say is – I love you, sister. Wishing a Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, sister. Can you remember that how we used to smile in our old days? You still have that pleasant style of smiling and that’s why I love you, sis.

A loving sister like you can bring me the faith that I’m never alone because you are always beside me. Happy Birthday.

A birthday cake is always good, but to me, a sister with a birthday cake is undoubtedly great. Happy Birthday, Sister.

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to my gorgeous sister. I want to thank you for being my best friend as well.

Wardrobes can’t get any trendier, breakups can’t get any easier, school can’t get any nicer and life can’t get any better – when a girl has an amazing sister. Happy birthday, sis.

On this special day, I’m reflecting back on all the wonderful memories we’ve built together. Happy Birthday, Sis!

Thanks for being a great sister and understanding me, although I have never quite understood you. Happy Birthday.

Sisters are not ordinary human beings. They have the patience of a monk and are more beautiful from within, than what a beauty pageant winner would look from outside.

Sister, you were the first best friend of my life and you’ll remain my BFF forever. Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

Friends may come and go but sisters should always be around. Happy Birthday.

Thank you for being my greatest inspiration and my best friend, Happy B’Day darling.

Hurray! It’s my dear sister’s Birthday! I hope your birthday brings as much happiness to you as you are bringing to others!

I hope you know how much I love you, my sis. Happy Birthday.

Why do you worry about growing older, when you are like wine just getting better and better with age?
Heartfelt birthday wishes to my dear sister!

Though even the sun will one day run out of energy, my love for you will never fail. It will survive to the last day of the universe. Happy Birthday.

I’m so lucky that I have such a beautiful and precious relationship with my sweet, wonderful, loving and caring sister. Happy Birthday.

I know you have been through so many hard times, but you never gave up. You are my idol and the strongest women in this entire world. You have such a positive approach. Wish you Happy Birthday.

We may have been sisters by fate and luck, but there is no one else who I could love so much. Happy birthday.

If I use a single compliment for you that would be very little and if I use all the compliments for you then still that will not be enough to describe you, my loving sister. Happy Birthday.

Superheroes are one in a million. Great sisters like you are one in a lifetime. Happy Birthday!

I never dreamt of being the only child of our parents because I always wanted you to be my sis. Happy Birthday.

A sister’s definition: a person who knows you inside and out. Yes, it sounds like you. I’m grateful that you are my sis. Happy Birthday.

Sometimes maybe you fight with the sisters, but you finish it up like a best friend. Happy Birthday.

Sending you this message to let you know I am always proud of you.

Sisters like you are diamonds. They sparkle, they are priceless and they are truly a woman’s best friend. Happy birthday sis.

I am so happy to have a sister like you to rise with. Wishing you a fabulous day of joy and happiness!

Wishing a Happy Birthday to my amazing sister. I hope all your dreams will come true.

The Forbes Billionaire List is totally wrong. I am the richest person in the world because no one else has the love of a wonderful sister like you. Happy birthday.

Sister, you’ve already done the hard part of growing old. Now let me handle the hard part of planning a party. Happy Birthday!

The ways you touch my heart can only be done by a sister. Wish you a Happy Birthday!

There is no complaining about getting older until you find your first grey hair.

Sometimes you fight with sisters, but you always make up. Sisters are keepers. Happy Birthday.

I do not talk to you every day anymore, but you are still in my heart every day. Happy Birthday, Sister.

Whether she’s your older or younger sister, she may, sooner or later, turn into one of your best friends, best advocates, best teachers, best students, and best therapists.

When I look at you, I feel like I am looking at myself in the mirror. When I look at myself in the mirror, I see you. Happy birthday, sis.

It’s true that a special birthday gift is very hard to find but it is impossible to find a special sister like you. Happy Birthday.

Raising my glass today to toast my beautiful sis, you are truly one of a kind.

You can’t stop having birthdays and you can’t stop being my sister. And those are both good things. Happy Birthday.

Sisters always know better how to care. Today, it’s my turn to give you back. Happy Birthday, sis

I hope that today will bring you unending happiness and will be in your memories for years to come.

Have a wonderful Happy Birthday. You are so special to me that I wish that your every single day becomes special like today.

There are so many important things that I’ve learnt from you. Happy Birthday, sister.

Wishing Happy Birthday to my delightful, incredibly charming and exceptionally talented sister.

My childhood would have been incomplete and imperfect without a sister like you. Happy birthday.

Sister, I believe that you are my everything and that I couldn’t ask more. I consider myself as the luckiest to find you as my sis. Happy Birthday.

You cannot compare the sisterhood to anything in the world – especially the millions of memories that you cherish. Happy Birthday.

Sisters are very similar to the best friends. Often you never know that they are keeping a close and caring eye on you, so that nothing can bother your happiness. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to you big sister and congratulations on becoming the hottest cougar I know.

Sister, I’m really thankful to you for being an excellent friend of mine. I’m wishing you a Happy Birthday.

People believe that the heroes are one in many thousands, but I want to say that a sister like you is always one in a lifetime. Happy Birthday.

Wishing my best friend and amazing sister a big Happy Birthday. This special day is only made for you.

There is a place that gives me strength, support and inspiration. It is my sister’s heart. Happy Birthday to my wonderful Sis!

A true sister is the very embodiment of love and care. I know this is true because I’m lucky enough to be your brother. Have a wonderful birthday!

Your birthday is more special to me than you, because on this day, I got the most precious gift of my life. Happy Birthday.

How incomplete would one earring look when worn without the other? That is how I would look without you. Happy birthday.

You are everything that I could have asked for in a sister and more. I don’t which of us is luckier! Happy Birthday.

I like you so much that I put your photo in my wallet instead of that attractive one that came with it. Happy Birthday.

Sisters like you are like beautiful diamonds: Only the fortunate have them. Wishing you a happy and prosperous birthday.

Thanks for understanding me so much, I cannot imagine my life without your magical touch. Happy birthday.

My crazy, loving, caring and fun sister, life without you would have been a nasty twister. Happy birthday.

I have always loved you and will continue to do so. On your birthday I send you my best wishes, love, and greetings. Hope you have a fabulous birthday!

I’m so glad to have a great sister like you, though I’m not counting – but you keep getting better always. Happy Birthday.

I feel so lucky that my dear sister is my true friend. Happy birthday, you are the best!

Sending this message to wish my beautiful sister, a Happy Birthday from across the coast.

You are the most amazing, beautiful and strongest person I’ve ever met. I’m really proud to find yourself as my sister. Happy Birthday.

To have a sister like you is like to find a treasure in life. Celebrate your Birthday, you deserve all the best!

Sister, it’s a very special day in your life, let’s cut the cake and multiply the happiness. I love you. Happy Birthday.

Even though I always end up making myself look like a fool, I love to do everything you do to look uber cool. Happy birthday to the coolest sister in the whole world.

Neither of us is perfect but our imperfections make us the cute siblings that we are. Happy birthday.

I can’t count the feelings I have for you but the best one is the love that we always shared. Happy birthday and have a brilliant year ahead

There might be thousands of sisters in this world, but to me, you are the best sister without any doubt. Happy Birthday!

To my sister, the one who always stuck by my side – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are a beautiful gift to this world and to me.

Sis, you have always been there for me. On your birthday, I just want to say thank you, I love you, and anything you need is yours. Happy Birthday!

When life brings me down, all I have do is picture your sweet smile and I can stand again. You are the star of my life. Happy birthday dear sister.

Sisters not only share clothes and accessories but they also share a life together. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my favorite sister! Thank goodness you get less annoying as you get older. Just kidding. You’re the best!

Some say that wishes are for the stars, but I can wish you too because I know you’ve already become a star in my life. Happy Birthday, sister.

On your special day I wish you only smiles and joy. May each minute of your life be filled with happiness and may this birthday be just perfect for you!

You are the reason for whom my childhood days were so colorful and I had so much fun. Thank you for all those wonderful memories. Happy Birthday, sis.

My wonderful sister, you are only one in this entire world and I couldn’t find another great sister like you anywhere. Happy Birthday.

I wish you a life full of wonder, joy, and prosperity. It’s very easy for me because I always want the best for my lovely sis. Happy Birthday.

Even when no one else shows concern or care, a sister is someone who’ll always be there. Happy birthday.

Thanks for being a great sister and understanding me, although I have never quite understood you. Happy Birthday.

Sister, we shared so many laughs and thoughts and also boosted each other up when we were down. I believe still there are plenty of sweet memories to come. Have a wonderful birthday.

I love how different you are from me, while still being my sister… Happy Birthday to my beloved sister!

No one can heal my pains and make me happy with a hug like you. Thanks to my sister for being around me always. Let me hug you for once on this special day of your life. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday, gorgeous! I am grateful for the magical time that we spend together, sis. Be happy!

Happy Birthday sister. You are so special in my life, not only for being my lovely sister, but also for being one of my best friends. Without you I would have not made this far.

Growing up, no one drove me crazier than you. Now, you’re the person I talk to when other people are driving me crazy (even you!) Happy Birthday, sister!

Dear sister, I wish you all the best on your Big Day and every day, may your life be full of joy, love and prosperity!

I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to the most happening and smart sister in this entire universe.

In the kaleidoscope of my life, you form the most beautiful patterns with the most vibrant colors. Happy birthday sis.

Though even the sun will one day run out of energy, my love for you will never fail. It will survive to the last day of the universe. Happy Birthday.

Pharmaceutical companies should take a few swabs of your DNA and bottle its chemical composition to create a product called Emotional Healer. Happy birthday, sis.

Sis, I always valued your every single advice and applied them in my life. You have helped me to become responsible for the family. Happy Birthday.

You are one more year wiser and about two minutes away from grabbing a cocktail.

There are so many sweet memories of our old days that can easily make large stories. I can remember all of them because I cherish them forever. Have a Happy Birthday, sister.

You are the one who has taught me what love and care is. Happy birthday my dear, wonderful, sister!

It is obvious that you cannot stop having your birthdays and more precisely you can’t stop being my lovely sister. Both these things are really good. Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

I don’t talk to you every day anymore, but you are still in my heart every day. Happy Birthday, Sister.

I’m going to stop sending you makeup . . . time to accept you as you are, beautiful wrinkles and all! Happy Birthday!

Greetings from the biggest fan on your birthday. You’ll always be my #1.

A sister is the nearest individual for you, her birthday is an extraordinary day when she made your life finish and glad. Present an imaginative present for her and also send a contacting wish – any of the submitted underneath. Sister birthday wishes 

Give great vibrations a chance to encompass her and she will always remember your compliment and will be grateful for your consideration.

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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Happy Birthday Wishes SMS | Birthday msg

In previous times, there is a convention of giving birthday cards to make, but as time passed and new revolutions introduced in the entire world, those wishes turned into high-value and e-mails greetings. We use a net to wish family and our nearest and dearest through facebook, whatsapp, twitter and also other networking programs today. Just mentioning that a simple, joyful birthday isn't well really worth making. So here we are supplying you with some fantastic, graceful and unique birthday wishes to earn someone's birthday specific.

Happy Birthday Wishes SMS
Happy Birthday Wishes SMS

It's possible for you to make your loved ones birthday special by directly sending any birthday fantasies that are adorable — birthday wishes for close friends, a family, sisters or any loved person to make their day special. A few lovely and special requests can be selected by you out of this checklist to generate.


Á Spring in ur STEP


Joys 2 hold Dear

Loved ones 2 hold near

Moments 2 cherish

Àll through D year

H :) B DAY

Millions Of Greetings!

Thousands Of Colours!

Hundreds of Wishes!

Kg's Of Cakes!

Lot's of Smiles!

That's What I Ask God 2 Give U Thruout ur Life!

HaPpY BirthDay........


,__/ /_"\0_\\_


Peep.... peep

Peeep , pepepe!


The SMS was in Traffic Jam...

However I m NoT 2 late to Wish YoU. . .

HaPPy Birth day

look outside its so pleasant!

sun smiling 4 u,

tree dancing 4 u,

birds singing 4 u,

bcoz i requested them all to wish u:

Happy birth day.

Happy birthday to u may ur precious heart desire wouldbe fullfill on dis precious day GOD BLESS U

Its another birthday for u.God picked another petals on ur flower,wishing ur flowers may bloom for year.MANY MANY Happy returns of Day..


u r 1 year older now,

1 year smarter now,

1 year bigger now,

and now u r 1 year closer to all your wishes.

~~ Happy Birthday ~~

"In the end its not the years in ur life that count. it's the life in ur years" -Best wishes 4 ur birthday dear.

Let the God decorate each golden ray of the sun reaching u with wishes of success, happiness and prosperity 4 u, wish u a Happy BirthDay

Keep the Smile.

Leave the Tear.

Hold the Laugh,

Leave the Pain,

Think of Joy,

Forget the Fear,

Be Joyous because



Wish you a many many happy returns of the day.

May God bless you with health, wealth and prosperity

in your life.


All d bèst & fàbulous plèasures in life Evèrgrèen hàppiness fùlly bright fùturè filled wid fùll of smiles and chèèrs..!! I wish you àll this on yoùr Birthday……….. Hàppy Birthday 2 Ú

I wish you a vivacious day of Love, Laughter, and Joy. Have an Awesome Birthday!

God bless you today and always and may all your goals come true.

Happy birthday dear.

May ur all d sorrows of ur life get blow with the blow you blow to blow the candles.

And sweet memories like cake comes to ur life..

Many Happy returns of the day..

A birthday is a million moments,

Each holding a promise of fulfillment of ur dreams,

And accomplishments of some special plans.

Wish U a very “Happy Birthday”

Some things r left undone,

some words r left unsaid,

some feelings are left unexpressed,

but some ones as nice as you

could never be left unwished,

happy birth day to u!

Da stars wishes u,

da brightness of moon wishes u,

da sunshine wishes u,

da waves wishes u,

da flowers wishes u,

da morning wishes u,

happy birth day to u!

On your birthday I wish for you

-All the joys your heart can hold.

-All the smiles a day can bring.

-All the blessings life can unfold.

May you have God' best in everything


This msg has No Fat

No cholesterol n No Addictive

this is all natural except, with a lot of sugar. But it can never be as sweet as the one reading it. Happy Birthday

Plant the seeds of Love in your hearts.

Let them grow into trees of Service

and shower the sweet fruit of Ananda.

Share the Ananda with all.

That is the proper way to celebrate the Birthday.

Birthdays are the tolling of

A bell that marks the coming of

A time of festive joy and love,

A time to treasure life and love.

Count your garden by the flowers

Never by the leaves that fall.

Count your day by golden hours

Don’t remember clouds at all.

Count your nights by stars not shadows.

Count your life by smile not tears.

And with joy on every birth day count your age by friends not years…..

The day has come and it’s so special.

Today is your birthday day,

I wish you love, wisdom, and strenght, on this special day.

Happy Birthday!

Rose is red

Sky is blue

Honey is sweet

Just like u

Happy birthday to u

Millions of Greetings;

Thousands of Colours;

Hundreds of Wishes;

Hundreds of Cakes;

And lots of Smiles;

That's what I ask God to give you through out your life!

Happy Birthday!

You are my dream in my sleep;

You are the vision of my eye;

You are the smile of my lips;

You are the beat of my heart;

You are an angel in my prayers;

And you are the light of my life.

Happy Birthday, My love!

I cherished every moment we spent together.

I will love you endlessly, till forever.

I will never let you down, This I swear.

I will never let you alone, This I swear.

I will do anything to keep you happy.

You inspire me every day to be the best that I can be.

May your special day brings you all that your heart desires!

May your birthday be filled with fun, smiles, laughter, love and cheers!

Someone so special 💘 I love the most was born today.

I love you more with every passing day. Happy Birthday.

May ur b'day bring u as much as u happiness

u give to every one who knows u.

happy b'day 2 u..

1 Hug

1 kiss

1 SMS with

1 heart that only 4 u wishing

Very Happy Birthday 2 u

My girl, My girlfriend, My everything, My all

I always wished 4 a spcl frnd who'd b close 2 my hrt it came true when I meet u on ur special day I wish 4 u happy b'day..

May you follow your dreams and always believe in yourself.

Keep your eyes on the stars and hope in the heart and leave the rest up to God. Happy Birthday!

You'r my crazy fascination.

You'r my sweet inspiration.

You'r my apple of my eye.

Every moment with you I feel paradise.

Come what may, I'll always be by your side.

Best birthday wishes, happy birthday baby.

My heart beats for no one else but you.

All of me loves all of you...

With every breath you enter me.

I want to spend my lifetime loving you.

Happy Birthday to You

Wishing u all the great things in lyf hope this day

will bring u an extra share of all that makes u the happiest

Happy b'day...

There are many beautiful birthday songs, sms and quotes but I do not dedicate any of them to you because they do not describe the infinite love I feel for you. It is better that I tell you that myself, that I love you with all my heart and soul. Have a happy birthday.

Sweethrt u r so beautiful, my luv 4 u will always b true

here is a wish 4 my darling may all ur wish come true

i wish u a cute happy b'day with lots of luvs hugs nd kissess

from my heart that beats just 4 u....

I m so glad u wr born, bcoz u have a brighten of my lyf and filled it with joy..

happy b'day...

I hope that 4 every candel on ur cake

u get a wonderful surprise..

Sending u a b'day wish

wraped with all my love

have a very happy b'day...

May each nd every passing yr brings u wisdm peace and cheer

wish ur b'day will b as sweet as chocolate

happy b'day sweethrt.....

You mean everything 2 mean I love u..

sweethrt wishing u a b'day as beautiful as u..

Mountain, rain or summer heat;

Your Love is the reason why I breathe.

Tell me dear what is sweet?

Is that you or your heartbeats?

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Dear Sweetheart,

On your birthday, I am thinking about the best gift I could choose for you. Would it be a wet kiss, a loving hug or a red rose?

Please take your pick or you can even have them all.

Have a memorable Birthday!

May today be the best birthday of your life,

I give you my heart as the most precious gift

I can give you and I promise I always will love you.

You write love to my heart with your smile and magic with her eyes.

Happy birthday to a surprisingly gorgeous girl.

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